No matter whether it is a sample, sketch or drawing part. We realize almost all turned parts on plastic with you. Due to our modern machinery we are in the position to produce complex turned parts ready to fall, the attachment of cross bores, knurling, threading and milling is just as much part of our daily business as the finding of solutions in construction and material for your turned parts.

Our plastic turned parts are used in the gas, fittings and electrical industries, in mechanical engineering and in measuring, control and medical technology. Thanks to the many years of experience of our master craftsman in the field of plastic machining, we are very familiar with the qualitative standards and the corresponding production techniques.

Almost all plastics such as POM, PA6, PTFE and many more are processed in our company. The plastic used for the turned parts made of plastic can also be processed in our company with additives such as glass fibre or carbon reinforced. Examples: PA6 GF 30, PA6 oil, PTFE – glass, PEEK – carbon, POM-C GF 30 and many more. The machining sizes range from Ø 1 – 130 mm and, depending on the article and material, up to a length of 320 mm.

If you have any questions about plastic turned parts, please contact Mr. Oliver Kaiser.

Dimensions of plastic turned parts
1 – 130 mm and, depending on the article and material, up to a length of 320 mm

Delivery batch
small batches
middle series
large series